Wedding couple kissing in the background whilst confetti is thrown by all the guests.
Black and white image of a bride walking into an old church with her father and bridesmaids to begin her wedding ceremony.
Bride walks down the aisle with her father whilst her page boy falls and the flower girls laugh in response
Black and white image of a bride runs through an ancient mosque in Marrakech wearing a wedding dress
Couple stand in front of a mountain lake during an elopement wedding ceremony in Spain
Black and white image of a bride holding her father and husband's hands during the church wedding ceremony
Husband and wife stand close together in a doorway under the leaves of a a tree
Black and white image of a dog sitting beside and looking up at its owner when she's preparing her wedding dress
Black and white portrait photo of a flower girl staring into the camera at a wedding

My name is Mick and I'm a bilingual Documentary Wedding Photographer | Basque Country Photographer

I always try to capture my couples in natural light, creating elegant, simple and fun images that will always remind them of the incredible experience of their wedding day.

From Australia to the Basque Country and available throughout Spain and the world.

Bride and groom sitting with their dog in front of a symmetry glass observatory on their wedding day


I love symmetry, movement, elegance and light, but what I want to capture most in my photographs is fun. This is exactly what wedding photography is for me.

It is a day full of stress, nerves, joy, giddiness, and... fun. Sometimes putting all these feelings into words can be difficult, but that's why I have my camera.

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family laugh and hold kids at the beach at sunset

Hi, I’m Mick and here are some fast facts about me… • I’m Australian • I’m a Wedding Photographer • I’m a husband to my incredible Basque wife • I met her in the Amazon jungle • I was inspired to go there after watching “The Motorcycle Diaries” • I’m now a father to our two beautiful children • I call the Basque Country and Spain my home • I turned 40 this year • Turning 30 scared me more • And just in case you were thinking it, no I don’t live with multiple wives. This is my sister and I love this photo.

• I love cycling and stand-up paddle • I love cooking and baking cakes but my wife is anti-salt and anti-sugar so this can be tricky • I love coffee and dreamt of owning a cafe • My two favourite photographers are war photographers • If you’re curious, they are Sir Don McCullin and James Nachtwey • I often edit my photos with Stranger Things playing in the background • The best film I’ve watched is Requiem for a Dream but my favourite film is The Shawshank Redemption • My favourite band is Radiohead • Now, I’m constantly listening to The National radio on Spotify but I sing to 80’s music in the shower • I get to do what I love by taking photos for a living • All this makes me happy.