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Hi, my name is Mick Habgood and I’m a Documentary Wedding Photographer and by that I mean I’m a visual story-teller of weddings. My company is made up of me. I love working as a ‘we’ but for the most part, it’s only my professional equipment and my trusty Mac that completes the members of my team. I’m a creative, a people watcher, a traveller, a useless romantic and a handy photographer. I’ve followed the two things I adore most in this world, which is my future wife and my photography so this is how I’ve ended up living on the Basque coastline in northern Spain, doing what comes most natural to me. I surround myself with a bunch of interesting creatives (that I’m slowly starting to understand more) and I’m very fortunate to have a savvy entrepreneur as my fiancée. Sydney will always be home but I feel incredibly privileged to call both London and Bilbao my adopted homes.

As for my photography, well with any luck you’ll like what you see. I’ve always been an observer so I won’t ever be there to direct you and ask for any type of pose. My photos are simply my interpretation of your incredible day. Sometimes it’s just nice not having to worry about the impact of the guy with the big flash all day. (btw – I’m not that guy either because I don’t use one)

Thanks for stopping by & don’t be a stranger. I’d love to hear from you sometime.


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About Me


That would be me

Why Weddings?

I enjoy shooting weddings because I love the day’s narrative and the anticipation. There’s beauty, excitement, activity and nerves. Everything else is just a massive bonus and I essentially get to work in a new ‘office’ almost every week. It’s an incredible career to be involved in.

How did I get here?

As a kid, my dream was to work in the Rockies, as a teen I wanted to see the world from Hanoi to London and after Uni, I craved to follow in Che’s footsteps and write my own ‘Motorcycle Diaries’ through South America. Fortunately, I did all of these with my camera in hand and along the way, my passion became my job.

Where do I work?

Before moving to the Basque country, I spent 6 incredible years in London. I now split my professional time between these two amazing places and when the opportunities present themselves during the Australian wedding seasons, I make a little base in Sydney also. No wedding is too far!


Photography Packages

As you can see I haven't given these packages any fancy names. They are essentially here to be used as a useful guide. It's your day so please just let me know what you would prefer.

The Album Design


  • OH MY GOD! I love it! I am crying so can’t call you but Mick you are amazing and have captured everything! I had forgotten how wonderful the day was!!! Thank you! XXX

    — Alannagh & Nicky, IRE —
  • Hahahaha I’m crying like a baby!! They are fantastic!!

    — Isa & Tabu, ESP —
  • THANK YOU FOR BEING SO DAMN TALENTED! Thanks for just being awesome on our day. It was a pleasure having you a part of it.

    — Lynne & Jamie, ENG —
  • We are truly delighted and surprised! The album is so beautiful and stunningly laid out. Thanks again.

    Lucy & Bridget, ENG
  • Thanks so much!!! Your photos tell a really wonderful story of our day from the very start to the finish and we just love our album!

    Maria & Julian, POR
  • You've truly captured the very essence of our day. When I look through these photos I both laugh and cry. The day was so special and thank you for all of your hard work!

    Regan & Tom, ENG
  • We were delighted to have your there as our photographer. We've received nothing but compliments and praise for what a great job you did, how swiftly you dealt with the prescribed shots and how you blended in the rest of the time.

    Lucie & Tarek, ITA


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Don't be a stranger. I'd love to hear from you.

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